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Concept Paper on Entrepreneurship Development Program on Tourism

Upcoming projects in the district

1.       Circuit tourism of Uttar Dinajpur, Malda and Dakshin Dinajpur- Interest area- the medieval kingdom of Gour and the previous regimes as excavated at Bangarh and the relics and remains as recovered in the vicinity.
1a) Tourist Lodge at Rajibpur mouza near Bangarh.
1b) Shami briksha of folklore at Bairhatta in Harirampur.
2.       Ecotourism at Bhaluka Beel under PPP model
3.       Ecotourism at Mahipal Dighi as a part of Rural tourism proposal for Kushmandi block.
4.       Lake tourism at Tapan Dighi with water sports facilities.
5.       Lake tourism at Gour Dighi in Harirampur with water sports facilities.

Investment opportunities

1.       As tour operator- general, ecotourism, rural tourism.
2.       As restaurant and catering service provider specialising in local cuisine
3.       As local resource person who would provide homestay arrangement and would coordinate between the tourists, local craftsmen and government for promotion of rural tourism/ ecotourism- they may act as sub agent of tour operator or may operate freelance.
4.       Tour guide from local people who would tell the story of folklore, ecology conservation.
5.       Water sports facilitator and entrepreneur.
6.       River cruise / eco-tour organising entrepreneur/ facilitator.
7.       Groups involved in nursery, snail farming, and dhocra, bamboo crafts, Gangarampur tant, etc.
8.       Khwon artists and local artists

Risk profiling

1.       Higher risk- Tour operator (all types), Water sports organiser
2.       Medium risk- Restaurant/ catering service provider, River cruise/ eco- tour organiser
3.       Least risk- Home stay provider, Tour guides, Facilitators all types, shg groups, artists, work force in the enterprises.

Support to would- be entrepreneurs

1.       Awareness generation of scope in tourism activities
2.       Training in hotel and travel management- by Institute of Hotel Management which may be sponsored by dept. of tourism
3.       Help in project preparation and identification by DIC/ NABARD/ DRDC- Preliminary steps in identifying entrepreneurs in related fields from the DIC, who might like to work in tourism sector, they may be assisted in their venture.
4.       Financial assistance for schemes along with loan facility from NABARD/ Banks/ Tourism department

   Action points delineated

    1.       Local SGSY groups at Kushmandi, Hili and Gangarampur with at least 4 no. class 10- 8 passed members can be imparted training in food and beverage service, cookery and patisserie
     2.       Class 10 passed youths at Gangarampur, Kushmandi, and Hili can be organised into SHGs providing tourguides and may be imparted basic training on culture, ethnic, ecotourism and interpersonal aspects. They may later grow into travel agency/ tour operator.
     3.       Crafts groups, Folksong groups, local traditional knowledge groups, snake-charmers groups and Tribal dancers’ groups may be imparted interpersonal skills, cleanliness and presentation training
      4.       Selected entrepreneurs with initiative and vision may be imparted short duration regular training on travel and tour management.
     5.       One regular post for Contractual employee as facilitator for regular entrepreneurship development on tourism may be created and deployed in each district with tourism potential.

   Training courses that may be organised

      1.       Training on basic interpersonal skills, cleanliness and presentation
      2.       Food and beverage service
      3.       Cookery & Bakery and Patisserie
      4.       Housekeeping utility
      5.       Travel and tourism management

Highlights of the Entrepreneurship Development Program

·         Overview of the Travel and Tourism sector

1.       Travel & tourism is a sector circumscribing accommodation, transport, catering, recreation and ancillary services for tourists.
2.        One of the world’s topmost priority industries and employers, and the world’s leading growth sector.
3.       The business turnover of this sector even surpasses the turnover of oil exports, food products and or automobiles
4.       This sector has become a major player in international commerce
5.       This sector has become a main source of income for many developing countries

·         Challenges facing the sector

1.       Knowledge and Information – mainstreaming tourism as a mode of employment generation
2.       Entrepreneurship Development & Transformation
3.       Role of Local Government in Tourism – service delivery mechanism, hassle free atmosphere conducive to tourism
4.       Infrastructure Support e.g. publicity materials, roads, water & electricity supply
5.       Systematizing private sector involvement and enterprise development initiative
6.       Safety and Security – of tourists and local people
7.       Skill Development – both interpersonal and related hardcore skills
8.       Service Excellence – grading & culture of customer  focus
9.       Responsible Tourism  - integrity with biodiversity
10.   Marketing & Promotion – funding
11.   Tourism Awareness/Tourism Education/Culture of tourism
12.   Community Empowerment

·         Primary objectives mainly for eco-tourism entrepreneurs

1.       Encourage small & medium entrepreneurships in key tourism sites that explore local ingenuity and creativity using local materials and employ local talents;
2.       Develop pioneering industries that would spur economic growth and sustain the maintenance of tourism sites;
3.        Create favorable business environment and positive attitude by educating the community to be responsive entrepreneurs who will safeguard the management of eco-tourism sites;
4.       Promote the development of products that will satisfy visitors’ needs while positioning the district as a globally competitive tourism destination.

·         Eligible projects in entrepreneurship

1.       Core Tourism Products
ü  Operation of new services (tour guiding for rural tourism, heritage tourism, cultural tourism, eco-tourism, etc.)
ü  Operation of new activities (hiking, canopy walk, watersports, etc.)
2.       Tourism Establishment related products
ü  Accommodation Facilities (homestay program, camping, etc)
ü  Food & Beverage Facilities -restaurants specialising in local cuisines
ü  Souvenir shops selling locally produced products
ü  Gears & Equipment Shops specially for hiring watersports and hiking equipments
3.       Tourism Related Services
ü  Handicraft Training and marketing
ü  Tourist handling training
ü  Published Materials:  Guidebooks, Maps, Websites with a system of liaising with the service providers

·         Prioritization criteria in tourism sites

1.       Rich in natural & cultural attractions
2.        Authentic & unique features
3.       Addressing the leisure and esteem needs of the visitors
4.        Special interest activities & educational   experience for  the visitors
5.        Accessibility to ethnic peculiarities
6.        Relatively comfortable facilities e.g. lodging accommodation, places to eat, water supply, toilet facilities etc.

·         Effective communication strategy

1.       Logo and slogan/tagline
2.       Brochures/Posters/Banners/ Flyers
3.       Road Show Presentation of tourism sites
4.       Radio / Media launch
5.       Publicity Releases
6.       Website / web links
7.       Email blasts / online forums & groups

A Dhar
District Planning Officer
Dakshin Dinajpur

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