Friday, 8 February 2013

Bhaluka Beel Ecotourism Spot

Situated within Hili block of Dakshin Dinajpur in Jamalpur GP, Bhaluka has the potential to turn into a dream destination for all kinds of tourists including nature lovers and bird lovers from all over the country and abroad. The pristine virgin beauty of the place with a substantial tribal population residing along its periphery presents an ideal destination for eco cultural tourism in line with similar European destinations.

Over twenty seven different varieties of migratory avian species, including Asian open bill Storks, Egrets, Little Green Bee eaters, Barbets, Coucals, Peregrine Falcons, Flycatchers, Orioles, Whistling ducks, Night Herons, Spoon Bills, Hornbills, different species of Owls, etc. visit this place all round the year.

The water body along with the peripheral marshy land measures about 70-80 acres with about 15 acres of vested land capable of housing facilities suitable to cater for the tourism industry. In the vacant land species of trees providing for the natural habitat of the birds is being planted under the MGNREG program under implementation by the block.

Tourists will be accommodated in eco-friendly residential facilities with bird watching arrangements and will be entertained by rides provided by manually operated country boats. Tourists may be provided glimpses of the Santhal and Oraon tribal culture by arranging for tribal dance shows and home stay arrangements with the tribals.

At a more mature stage of the project, provisions for birds’ rescue shelter, watch tower, birds’ museum/ nature interpretation centre and canopy walk amidst the habitat may be provided as well. 


  1. I never heard about this place - Bhaluka Beel before. After reading your post I just got the information about such ecotourism spot. It seems really nice place. I would love to visit this place.
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  2. I am feeling very proud as a Nirman Sahayak of Jamalpur GP, under where this BHALUKA BEEL is situated. We already start the Main Approach Road construction work of 1.365 KMs by Double Layer Brick Solling Road,From MGNREGA Head of A/C, in GP Level.We must Success our Dream project by our soulful hardworking. (By Amitava Sarkar)